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Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Little Run-In With The Police

Well, tonight was a very interesting night. I was toilet papering houses in my neighborhood with my neighbors (we only did the houses of the people who were with us in the group, but my brother and his friends who were with me did other people's houses even though I told them not to). When I was walking home with my brother and my neighbor (who was just skateboarding, not tee-peeing) we got stopped by a cop. We told him that our mom knew that we were out there, and that she gave us permission to tee-pee the houses of the people who we were with in the group. He asked me for my phone number and my mom's last name, and called her to come outside. Then he asked me for my name, address, and phone number (even though we were pretty close to my house, and I already gave him my phone number) and then soon my mom came out. She talked to him, and Grant (my brother) and I went back inside. As we were sitting at the table, he came to the door and told us that there were complaints, so we had to go and pick up all the toilet paper. So we got trash-bags and went around picking up all the toilet paper we saw. I was pretty upset about this whole deal because I'm a goody-two-shoes who hates to get in trouble at all. So basically, I'm freezing right now, and that's about it!

Peace and Love, 


I am so excited!! Tomorrow is Halloween!!! I think i'm being a Native American. Nothing too exciting. But Carly's coming over! YAY :). 

Not much else. The other day I did a speech on finger knitting. It was pretty schweet. Even though it sucked.  

And I didn't fail my Science test. I got an 85%. Not bad. 

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mall Crazyness

So today nothing that special happened except I think I failed my science test. Then at 6, I went to the mall. It was so much fun! This one senior kid that we met on the late bus was there, and he asked my friend Ana out. So the whole time they were together, and the rest of us were like "aah!". But it was fun anyway. 

And so ends my exciting tale of today
Ta ta for now (TTFN!) 

Peace and Love. 
A s S e N a V (Vanessa backwards)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today was an average day. Nothing interesting happened other than the fact that I had major pencil problems third period. Pencils obviously don't like me, so I was trying to sharpen a pencil and it kept breaking. I NEED more led for my led pencils. *sigh* In Public Speaking, I gave an impromptu speech on The Beatles. I think I did ok, but I could have done better. The rest of the day was uneventful. When I was home, I went to the bus stop to see all my friends that were on the late bus as Billy (my annoying next-door neighbor) was dropped off at the corner. I was waving like crazy at them, and they were all like "hi!". It was really fun. Then I did some homework, and had Wendy's for dinner. It was a generally good day. 

Peace and Love,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stupid Little Me

I am honestly sick of a majority of the people at my school. Every day, people push through the lunch lines to get the crappy lunches, and don't even say "excuse me"! They just push people out of the way (and in to other people sometimes) and waltz on through! It honestly makes me question people's moral standards. Anyway, so that's not the only thing that bugs me about people. Today we were reading "A Tale of Two Cities" (which I can barely understand), and I read first. Everyone said that it would be interesting if we read in accents, so I decided to read in a british accent. 
Stupid idea. 
Someone (or maybe more than one person) was(were?) making fun of me. How do I know that? I heard someone say "Stop making fun of her!". I was happy that she was sticking up for me, but I was still upset that anyone was making fun of me at all. Then in the lunch room, I heard two kids in my English class (the period before) saying something about accents. At that point, I wanted to go home and cry. I was so upset! I honestly hate people that are that RUDE! 


Vanessa . 

P.S. I had Creative Writing Club today. It was fun, except I felt like the people were giving me weird looks. :(

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Laziness and a Migraine

Argh, I have a migraine. It started when I was doing my Math Homework this afternoon, and some fuzziness started to develop in my eyes, like the T.V. static. I was like "Crap, it's coming." And it came, while I was trying to finish my Math Homework. I was like "Ok, I am not doing my Social Studies homework now! I so can't read with a migraine!" The fuzziness went away after a nap that I took for about two hours, but my head still really hurts. Also, I'm super lazy, because I was supposed to post on my One Girl's View of the World blog, but I don't feel like it. If I finish my Social Studies homework and think of a topic I will. But that's why I need people to suggest topics for me! I get massive brain farts when trying to think of topics! Then I get all lazy and procrastinator-y, and don't do it. So... yep. Today was an average day, and nothing interesting happened. Except I got the science quiz that I took yesterday and thought I was going to fail back, and I got a 85% on it! I was really happy. :). And I wrote random crap in my Social Studies Notebook during class today. 

It says random Monkees/ Beatles related stuff like "Zap", "Shazam", Save the Texas Prairie Chicken, ... and other random stuff. That made me happy too! 

Peace and Love, 
Vanella Ice 
p.s. If anyone was wondering what's up with all the names I sign with, they're all nicknames that people called me, or still call me. 

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Stupidity

Today was a good day.  However, I did do something stupid. I stayed after school for an extra credit thing for math, and I went home on the late bus. When I got home, I really had to pee. It always seems to happen that when I have to pee I don't have my key! So I was stuck outside going crazy because I had to pee so bad, and I started trying to use anything that I could to get into my house. I tried using sticks, wood chips, my nail file, anything I could find. Then I decided to try and keep my mind off my problem, so I started climbing on anything that I could. I was climbing up the side of my house, a tree, my play set, anything. Oh, also I totally failed a quiz that I took in Science today on the parts of a microscope. It sucked. But I did hang out with my friend Vy who I never see. That was cool. 

But whatever! 

Peace and Love, 
Nessa V

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Right now, I am really mad. This morning I woke up early and worked hard on all my homework so Carly could come over, but her mom said she can't!!! I am absolutely upset! And my mom even offered to drive her over here! I feel like crying! But I won't.

Otherwise, it was a pretty good day. My mom's friend's daughter was over, and Carly was trying to figure out who she was when I didn't tell her. It was funny. And I did finish all my homework. So I guess I'm ok.

But I am still upset!

Vanessa :(

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I am so lazy. I've been on the computer all day, and I haven't even started my science homework that I should have started on Tuesday. How lazy of me! 
Nothing new here. Just me being lazy. 
However, if something interesting happens, I will post :) 


Friday, October 17, 2008

Random First Grade Stories

OH MY GOSH!!! My mom found my first grade journal, and it has a bunch of stupid stories in it! I'll put them in with the exact grammar they have in the book.
Here we go, first one!

One day I was going to go on my poppy's boat with my family but we didnt. so they left me out of the car I felt sad but they let me in the end

That's the picture I drew^

One day I was watching t.v. I got sucked in I was on rugrats it was fun! I had pizza it tasted good! But my mom said "time for bed" I said "aaaaaw" I got out. I went to bed. And soon after. I got out of my bed. I went downstairs and turned on the t.v. and it happened again.

The end. 

(No Date) 

It Is True That Gost Are Real
One day 3 girls and 6 boys were out trick or treating. They saw a Hanted house. They wanted to go in. 1 girl saw a key and said, "lets try and open the door!" the others said,"Yes" All but one boy said,"No no no no no!" His older sister (the girl that saw the key ) said, "Yes yes yes yes yes!"(Just to anoy him) so then they opened the door. Then they walked in But they didn't know there was a gost in a closet! The girl that found the key found the closet the gost was in! "let's see if we can go in!""No"they all said "Not right now""O.K." the girl said "We'll explore First "O.K" everone elce said. So they explored the house and the girl that foune evry thing found a key she said "let's see what it opens!""O.k." they said.   they went around the house. Nothing! then they tryed the closet. the gost popped out! "AAAAAAAA." They said as they ran away. They never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever went near that house again

(No date)

1. I don't take care for it. 
2. my brother can eat it 
3. my brother can kill it 

1. I will take care of my hermit crab
2. I will ceep it in my room
3. I will get a spray bottle and a bucket of water. 

(No date) 
   Hermit Crabs 
Sandy, Brady, Rainbow, and Sunny are my hermitcrabs. Have you ever met them? Sandy is white and brown and funni Sunny, Brady and Ranbow are funny too. Sunny is shy and tickely. So are the other two rainbow and Brady. Rainbow is green and silver, cool and a pinchey. so Is Brady. Brady is pink and evry other thing I said. So do you like my story about my hermit crabs?

(No date)
Why Beluga Whales Live In The Water
Long, Long ago beluga whales lived on land in the North Pole. On day all the bluga whale where together and Santa came but Santa didint know that there was a poalr bear in his sled. The polar bear jumped out and chaced the bluga whales and anta said "Stop" But it was too late. The beluga whales fell in the water. The beluga whales liked the water so mutch they wanted to live there and thats why beluga whales live in the water.

(This one has 3 dates somehow) 2-21-01, 2-26-01, 3-2-01

Once I went to happy times for my friends party. It was the day after my party. My cousins Carly, Ashley and Alexa and my brother and my dad came. Carly is my favrate cousin. Ashley and Alexa are sisters. Sometimes they fight. Sometimes they are mean. I was with the party. They wer with my dad. We played a while. Then it was time to go upstairs, when we got upstairs, My friend went into the thing that blows up fake money. After My friend went into the thing that blows up fake money we hade cake,e food and ice cream, then we opened presents. After presents It was time to go home. My dad let go of my brother to get my coat, when my dad turned around, my brother was gone! My dad went to the fornt desk. A anouncment was made they said "Grant plese report to the front desk, Grant." Me and Ashley laughed so hard at the anoucment because my brother doesn't understand what they said. Soon after the anouncment was made, My brother came out of the climbing thing. I felt happy that my brother came back. 

April 19 2001

Outer Space 
Chapter 1 3-2-1- Blast off
It was an excting day in Litlesville. Some of the people from Litlesvill were going to outer space! The night Before the Mayor, John tweet anouced that some of the people from Litlesvill were going to outer space. There names were Jenny Penny, Benny Penny, Lenny Penny, Penny Penny, Henny Penny, Ben Pen, Jen Pen, Pen Pen, Len Pen, Hen Pen, John tweet J.R. and Kelly Gelly. John tweet J.R. was the captan, Jenny Penny was a controler, Penny Penny was a controler too, Lenny was also a controler. all the Pens were t.v.s watchers for o.s. (outer space) including the rest of the Penny family. Kelly Gelly was the caller. They were all inside the space ship exsept Kelly Gelly "I can't find my space suit." she said "Did you leave it at home, dear?" said her mom "No mother!" She scremed turning red. Every one laughed then she found her space sote. Then they balsted off. 

Chapter 2 AAAAA Aliens!
they landed on mars. Then they saw aliens! They all screamed "AAAAA Aliens!" All exsept Jenny. Jenny said "Hello Aliens." her older sister penny said, "Oh Jenny, don't-" but she didn't finish her senitis Then one alien said, "Hello Jenny."  Then one alien said, Oh Ebeae don't-" CRASH! A meteorite crashed on the planet. Then all the people had a picnic and threw there trash all exsept Jenny. Then the aliens chased the people "AA" they screamed then they got back in the spaceship.

Chapter 3 Back home! 
When they got on Penny said to Jenny "Jenny don't you ever ever speak to aliens again!" 


And then I found this random one further back in the book 

Part 1 
Dan says "I cant golf." (After days of practice his confidence angle comes and she says) "I am you'r self confidence angle, and I think you can golf now go and golf!" 
Part 2 
Dan says "I golf I golf I golf!" confidence angle says " I kneinw you can do it." 

And that's all that's in there! Good times, good times. That stuff makes me laugh! 

Peace and Luv, 
Vivica Fox<3

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Day of Happy Annoyance

Today was just a regular day. During math class first period, the boy I like kept singing, and it annoyed me.... but in a good way. 
Is that even possible? 
Anyway, so I couldn't concentrate at all because he was singing. I was actually singing along most of the time :P. 
It was so bugging me!!! I was like "I really wanna dance right now!" and I never got the chance to :( . 
Anyway, so that's all the interesting parts of my day. 


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Poem That Carly Was So Curious About

I was on the phone with Carly, and I told her about a poem I wrote, but I never really told her what it was. So now I'm going to reveal to the public the poem that I wrote yesterday at midnight. 


You steer me in the right direction
You show me the way
You lighten up my life
Day after day

What more can I say? 
You're my cousin and my best friend
Without you, I'd die 
The time we spend together I wish would never end

All the time that we spend
Holds a place in my heart
I can't even describe it
"You complete me" is a start

And when there's pain in my heart 
You're there to comfort me 
Without you're kindness,
I don't know where I'd be

Can you see? 
You're my other half 
You + me = best friends
Just do the math

You make me laugh
No matter what I was feeling before
When I'm already laughing, 
you make me laugh more

You open doors
In my mind, and you just understand
You make my life interesting 
from boring and bland

You deserve a hand
Standing ovation, round of applause, cheers
You've stayed by my side-
through laughter and tears

All these years 
Since 16 years ago, 
the day of my birth
You may never understand how much, to me, you're worth. 

I really hope you like it, Coo. God, I haven't called you that in forever! Anyway, that was a different style for me.  I think the rhyme scheme is ABCB BDED DFGF FHIH HJKJ JLML LNON NPQP PRSS.

Yeah, I'm that cool that I wrote out the whole rhyme scheme. 

PEACE and LOVE <3, 

P.S. Carlz, do you see where I was gonna put "I'd Die Babe?" 

P.P.S. The bolded things are Badfinger song references (in case you didn't know) 

PSAT's and the calculator

Ok, so today I had to take the PSAT's in school so I had a half day. The PSAT's weren't as hard as I was expecting them to be, but they were still hard nevertheless. When I was finished, I had nothing to do for an hour, so I was going to take a nap. That didn't work out, so I decided to start working on my next post for my other blog, I didn't have any paper, so I decided to write it on my calculator. So here's a picture of the rough draft of my post: 

It's impossible to read because it's backwards, but you can basically see that it's written out on the calculator. 

It takes forever to write on a calculator, just to let you all know! 

Peace and Luv, 
NeSs <3. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Just Had To....

I find this picture absolutely hilarious! Ha Ha Ha! 

Peace and Love, 

P.S. What is up with the whole "Scheduled outage at 8:00PM PDT" ???

Nothing Special....

Today was your typical average day... I went to school, and I came home. But last night, I got the e-mail I was waiting for for a couple of days from WikiAnswers! But, I got it right when I was getting off the computer. Life just seems to go like that for me! But anyway, soon I'll be the category supervisor for The Beatles on WikiAnswers!!!! YAY!!!! :) 

Peace and Love, 
V an E ss A <3

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Ok Day....

So today started out perfectly.....
I was going to give Nicole the poem I wrote her (To see it, go to ) 
but I was too scared. I'm such a chicken. As we were getting off the bus, it seemed like she was avoiding me. That kinda made me upset. We had an armed intruder drill 1st period, and then we were doing stuff on our calculators that I didn't understand. Then half way into 2nd period, I realized that I left my gym bag in math class! So before lunch 4th period, I had to go up to the math room and get my stuff, when there was a class of Juniors or Seniors there. I was so embarrassed. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, until when I stayed after school. I went for math help, and I was finished early so I called my mom to see if she could pick me up. We got mad at each other, and she told me that I had to take the late bus that came an hour later. 
But that's not even the worst part. 
I didn't have my id to get on the late bus, so I just assumed that they would let me on without consequence. 
My friend Nikki told me that you get written up (which to me means DETENTION) for going on the late bus without an id. So I was screwed, because I knew my mom would be pissed. Nikki called her mom and asked if she could give me a ride home. She said yes. So as we're waiting for Nikki's mom, my mom calls, and I tell her what's going on, and she tells me that even though it's COMPLETELY out of her way, she's gonna pick me up. So I'm like "ok.". Nikki and I are waiting for our moms to pick us up (and by this time my stupid CELL PHONE BATTERY DIED AGAIN!!!!!) and I didn't realize my mom called me. Then suddenly I turn on my phone and I have a voice mail. I listen to it, and it's my mom screaming at me, saying she's in the parking lot. I'm like "SHIT!!!" and I run outside. 
I am seriously surprised my mom didn't pop a brain cell. She was screaming at me at the top of her lungs for at least 10 minutes. It was absolutely insane. I was trying so hard not to cry most of the time, and eventually I did cry. It was really upsetting to hear her yell at me like that. 
And one of the things that hurt me the most was her constant repetition of my obsession with the Monkees and the Beatles. 
Why can't she just even try to understand that I really like them? It really hurts me that she's so against it! I mean, at least I'm not into drugs or something like that. She doesn't even realize that my 'stupid Beatles story' is something that keeps me from cutting myself again. 
Instead, she decides to do what made me cut myself the first time: lower my self-esteem. 
I really wish she could understand that. 
Anyway, then we went to the super market. I was hoping to see Carly there, since she works there, but she wasn't. I wish she was!
But at least I'm feeling better now. 

V A N E S S A 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

SOOOOOOOO SEXY...... <333333

Carly was showing me pictures, and those two stood out from the rest.... 
all I can say about them is RAWR<333 
Mike Nesmith was one sexy beast<3. 

Peace and Luv, 

Boredom and WikiAnswers

So I'm totally bored. Right now, I'm answering WikiAnswers questions so that I can become a  bronze contributor. I also really want to become the supervisor of the category, The Beatles. Ooh! I just got an e-mail a minute or two ago that gave me the results of which Twilight character are you..... 

Twilight Quiz

I was hoping I would be Bella Swan! It also says.... 

Bella Swan. 
 You are Bella Swan, the apple of Edward's eye. You are very private, clumsy, sweet, and funny. You have a wonderful ability to accept people (or mythical creatures) for what they are. You have an amazing capacity to love, even though you can be too hard on yourself.

Ok, now I'm really happy!  :) 

Oh, also I posted a poem I wrote for Nicole on my poetry blog, at

Peace && Luv, 

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wow... I have no life

All day today I was on the computer. That is pretty sad. I got on the computer at about 11:30 this morning, and I've been on ever since. 
I've been waiting for Carly to come online..... 

But she hasn't. :(

I probably should call her. 


Stuck In My Head....

I have one of my own songs stuck in my head. It's crazy!

Now On A Happier Note.....

Yesterday my friend Danielle gave me a link for the newest Twilight trailer,
. This totally made me feel a lot better! I am so excited to see that movie, because I read all the books. I totally love Twilight! Plus, it comes out 8 days before my 16th birthday!!! I am super super excited for this movie, and I totally wish it would come out sooner! 
Even though I don't think Robert Pattinson is perfect for Edward, I still can not wait for the movie!!!!

Peace and Love,

Worst Football Game....Ever

Yesterday ended up absolutely sucking. I went to the homecoming game without a sweatshirt first of all and ended up buying a 30 dollar school sweatshirt (with my school's name on it and all). Then, I got so bored. I don't really like football in the first place, and the only reason I went yesterday was because they were announcing homecoming king and queen (The guy I voted for for king won!). But the crowning wasn't till half time, so I had to sit through the first half of the game with my friends, totally bored. My other friend Nikki didn't feel good, and we both wanted to go home. My friend Nicole, though, wanted to stay. She got really mad at me and said "I missed a bunch of football games because of you!" and I got really mad and said "You don't need me to go with you to the games! Go by yourself if you wanna go so bad!" 
Nikki was originally gonna come over my house with me, but instead she wanted to go home. That kinda made me upset, because I knew I would have to deal through the rest of the time with Nicole mad at me! I called my mom (On Nicole's phone because mine died for the millionth time) and she came to pick us up. 
Nicole was absolutely pissed at me, she barley even talked.  I had told my mom earlier that I was upset about something, and she stupidly decided to bring it up in the car with Nicole there. So when we dropped Nicole off, she sent me a text saying "I'm not oblivious, viv." , meaning that she "knows" that I'm mad at her. 
When I got home and went up to my room, I called my best source of happiness, my cousin Carly. But I really wanted to talk to someone about what I was feeling. 
So I told her, through sobs and hysterical crying, how I felt that I really can't keep doing this to Nicole, not hanging out with her, ditching her, etc. I feel so bad about it, and I know what to do, but I'm to stubborn to. And I know that if this keeps up, I'm gonna loose another best friend. That got me thinking about my ex-best friend from the post the other day. She and I were really great friends, but she started talking about me behind my back.  And that really hurt me that someone that I was such great friends with would do that to me. So really, I sort of know how Nicole feels. And I do feel great remorse, and I don't know how to make it up to her. 

I don't want to loose another friend. 

~ Vanessa :(

Friday, October 10, 2008

Nostalgic Xanga Posts and a Football Game

So, today was a generally good day. Not that anything interesting happened. But today I'm going to my school's Homecoming game. That should be interesting, considering that I don't like football. I'll have more on that experience later. 

So right before now, I was looking at my old xangas, and the xangas of my friends and ex-friends. The one thing I found was one of the posts on my ex best friend's xanga(names have been substituted(the line with a star in it is the boy I used to like(not then) and the line with the & is my ex-best friend))..... 

AHHH VAnEsSa is GOoNA KILL ME!!!!! HELP! SeriOUlsy VenessA! IT waZ a Mere MIsTake!
Vanessa: "OH MY GOD I'm SOOOooooo tired....."
Vanessa points at _*__ and says " I wanna S__P YOu"
Of course Poor lIttle Clueless __&_ didn't hear Vanessa very well....
_&__: "YOU WANNA SLEPP WITH HIM!??!?!?!?!?! O_o"?
Vanessa: "EW!" ___*___: "YOU LITTLe Sick MinDEd PERV!"
Vanessa: "I SAID I WANted TO SLAP HIM!"
:: End Of Flashback::
So now poor __&_ is being attacked by Vanessa's snapping fingers.......

I'm so glad I found that, or I would never have remembered that! 
Even though I still have some bad feelings toward her for talking about me behind my back (that's why she's my EX-best friend), I have to remember that she really was my best friend. :/

Now I feel pretty nostalgic..... and I really miss her as a friend.  

~ Nessa :(

Thursday, October 9, 2008

John Lennon's Birthday!

Today is John Lennon's birthday. If he wasn't shot almost 28 years ago, he would have been 68.  That fact makes me sad. He had so much left to offer, and yet it was all taken away from him by some deranged lunatic who just wanted to be remembered with him. I know his name, but I'm not going to mention it because he doesn't deserve the credit. It's just sickening that someone who wanted peace and love was killed in such a violent way. 

The world misses him, and his creative and peaceful mind. 

R.I.P 10/9/40- 12/8/80

Give Peace A Chance. 


Making up for Yesterday

Hello everyone! Today I have off from school, so I have to do my English homework *sigh*. I have to read 12 chapters of A Tale oF Two Cities, which is a book that I don't really like that much. It's got an interesting underlying message, however, the language used in it is just difficult for me to comprehend. Oh, yesterday was just a regular average day. Nothing special. Except last night I was on the phone with my cousin for like 3 hours. It was insane. But awesome. Ok, well, I'm gonna put up another post after this, so stay tuned! 

Peace and LOVE<3, 
Ness :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Time For a Post

Now I actually have some time for a post! 
My presentation actually went well. Worst than I expected, though. I got really nervous when I actually got into the room, and my legs were shaking as I sat down. I totally screwed up the introduction, and was totally mad at myself for that, but I was ok as the presentation went on. I even fixed a mistake that one of my group members made with a quick thinking question. I was pretty happy with the results. And I also had an excuse to wear a dress. I love dresses. 
I also had swimming today. I have no idea how I'm in the advanced group. I look like a drowning duck when I swim! Anyway, gtg!

Peace && Luv, 
Nessa R<3

Not Much Time for a Post

My mom is being annoying, so I don't have much time to post. Today I had my presentation, and I'll tell about that tomorrow, because I don't have enough time to go into detail. Check for it tomorrow!

Peace and Love<3, 

Ness J.R. 

Monday, October 6, 2008

Today In My Life

Well, today was an ok day. I had a math test that I think I did good on. I did all my homework. I stayed after school and talked with my friends. Oh and speaking of that, My friend Lydia's boyfriend of almost six months (their 6 months anniversary would have been on Thursday) broke up with her. I felt so bad for her! It was her first boyfriend, too! And he used the "I think we should see other people" line. What a load of shit! 
Anyway, so it was an ok day. Tomorrow is my Public Speaking speech on Child Abuse. I think I'm gonna do pretty good on it, as I said before. 
Well, I need to finish my homework and practice my speech, so I'll go now. 
If you want, you can check out my playlist. It's pretty rockin. And of course, Rehab by Rihanna is the first song on there. And why wouldn't it be, it's my favorite! 

Peace And Love<3, 


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Third Party Candidate

I think Ralph Nader is the third party candidate again! If I was eighteen, I would totally vote for him! I remember him from the election 4 years ago.... even though I was only 12. Or, technically, 11. But I was gonna turn 12. ANYWAY, so I'm all for Ralph Nader. Even though I know he can't win. But at least I would have made a contribution to the vote of the American people. Yeah, I'm so patriotic. 

Oh, and speaking of Americans and patriotism and stuff like that, I find it sad that other countries think of Americans as fat, loud, spoiled, dumb, and rude. It's kinda sad that all the not-so-fat, quiet, un-spoiled, smart, and kind people are lumped into that assumption. But whatever, I'm not gonna worry about that. 

Peace and Love, 

Va Ne Ss A <:)

Bored and Annoyed

I finally finished my homework! 
When I finished, though, I had to clean my room before I could go on the computer. That was annoying, but manageable. Now I'm watching the Vice Presidential Debate (again). I can never seem to pay attention long enough to remember what they said. I still can't pay attention. But I actually like watching it. It's interesting to listen to what they have to say. 
I personally think that neither Sarah Palin nor Barack Obama are qualified for the positions they set out to achieve, however if I had to choose, I probably would vote for Obama/Biden. Even though I definitely think that Hillary Clinton should have been the Democratic nominee for either president or vice president. Sarah Palin totally ignores the questions that she's asked most of the time, and McCain is old, and I would not want to take that risk that Palin could become the president. THAT would be a problem.
"President Palin, do you think we should go to war?" 
"Well, in light of recent events, I believe that some immediate actions should be taken in order to solve our problems. Let's take the maverick approach!"
"So... is that a yes or a no?" 
"I think that we should do whatever a maverick would do!" 
"That's not an answer to my question" 
"Well, I don't like that question." 
"So, if you don't answer, does that mean 'no'?"
"Well, it means that we should, you know, do something. You know, I can see Russia from my house!" 
*everyone slaps their foreheads* 

That's an exaggeration of what could happen. And that's why I don't want McCain to win. Is there a third party candidate? Because that's who I'd vote for if they were experienced. 

And now you know my political views, when all I was going to do was say what I was doing today.  Only I could get so sidetracked. 

Peace && L. O. V. E. <3, 

V J R <3
a  o 
n  r
e  d
s  a
s  n
a  n

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stupid Times At The Carnival

I just got back from the carnival. It was so boring. 
So we were volunteering, and when we got there, we had no idea where to go. So then we found some people from our school at a booth selling t-shirts and asked them what to do. They told us that we could take over for them, because they were leaving soon. So we did. The rides were closing at 4, and it was 3:30 so we only were managing it for like 30 minutes. And there was a volunteer sign in sheet in a box at our booth, so a bunch of other people from our school came over to us and we told them to sign in. But some people weren't on the sign in list, so they either left or wrote their names on it. I had a migraine, so I bought some popcorn (food helps me when I have migraines) and my friend and I ate it. 
When the carnival ended our shift still wasn't over for another two and a half hours, so we went over to the firehouse where there was food and drinks. Once we realized that there was nothing for us to do, I tried calling my mom to pick us up like 20,000 times. She didn't pick up, and I thought she was mad at me and just ignoring my calls. But really she was outside talking to someone. She said she would come pick us up, so we walked back to the place where she dropped us off. Then I started naming some of the trees after the Beatles and the Monkees. I found the shortest tree and named it Davy, and the tallest tree and named it Mike, and then the rest of the trees were just randomly named after a Beatle or Monkee. 
Then my mom made me and my friend get some chocolate in the grocery store, and we had a fun time getting the stuff and making jokes. Only us weirdos can have fun in a supermarket. We ended up getting muffins and gum too. It cost like $30 for just that stuff. I was like "What the hell? Thirty bucks for chocolate, muffins, and gum?!?!?!?" It was ludicrous!

And now, I have to get back to doing my homework. 

Peace and Love<3, 
Nessa ;)

Quickie Post Before I Leave

I'm going soon to volunteer at some stupid carnival thing that I don't really want to go to, but my friend signed me up. I do need the volunteering, but I have lots of homework this weekend. I'm about half way done my science homework, and I still have English and Spanish homework. I didn't update yesterday because I was working on homework/ annoying my brother/ talking to my mom last night. So this is kind of a make up for last night.  

Yesterday was an average day of school, except I didn't get my interim when I should have. It was all because my homeroom teacher wasn't there. Subs don't usually know that there's interims that need to be handed out, so we didn't get them. There was an assembly that we were watching on the T.V. in homeroom, and I couldn't hear what they were saying because my homeroom is too loud, and the teacher didn't turn up the volume. My friends were going to come over yesterday, but my mom never gave me a definite answer, and I have too much homework. So instead, I worked on my introduction/transitions/conclusion for my Public Speaking speech. I'm actually pretty excited for this speech now. I think my group will be the best so far, and maybe the best of the class. 

And so, that is my boring little life. 

Peace and Love, 
Nessa :D

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Craziness!

Today was a good day. I feel a bit more confident about my Public Speaking speech (see yesterday's first post). And today, I had a meeting for the Goodwill Ambassadors Club. I had so much fun, because all my friends were there with me. I was so hyper after I had some M&M's, I couldn't even sit still. I was just a little to hyper. But whatever.
 Anyway, I also started another blog with my opinions on the world. It's url is or you can access it from my full profile. Check it out, if you want!

Peace and Luv, 
Nessa :P

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The exciting adventures of Creative Writing Club!

Today was the first meeting of Creative Writing Club at my school. I was a little nervous going into the room after school because I've never been in a club without any of my friends with me. So I sat in the far back corner of the room. But as the meeting began, I became a little less timid as the meeting got into full swing, and I even ended up reading something I wrote. Actually, If you want to read the story I read out loud, it's on my quizilla! click here to see it. Anyway, so my English teacher is the person who oversees the club, and I submitted that for an assignment in her class, so when I told her I was going to read it, she said "Oh, I'm gonna cry!" because it's kinda sad. And so I read it, and next meeting I think I'm gonna bring my poetry book so I can read some of my poems. 

Peace && Luv, 
Nessa :)

My immense stress over a Public Speaking speech

For Public Speaking class, two classmates and I are leading a panel-forum discussion on Child Abuse. I am the moderator of the discussion, so I have to transition between the different subtopics that we discuss. This puts an intense amount of stress on me, because I have to not only come up with the transitions, but also deliver them effectively. I also have to come up with an introduction and a conclusion. 
However, I feel that this is an honor for me to have the opportunity to lead this discussion, because the other two members of my group are Seniors, and I'm a Sophomore. And even though it's tough, I believe that I have a little bit of natural born leadership in me, and therefore I actually enjoy this distinct opportunity to showcase my leadership abilities. 
So in conclusion, I believe that though this project is causing me stress, I am going to get through it alright, and that it can only benefit me in the future. Therefore I am actually grateful for this. 
Wow, I feel like I just wrote an English paper on how my presentation is affecting me. That's quite interesting. Hmm...... 

Peace && Luv, 

John Lennon quotes that I love

  • "All we are saying is give peace a chance!"
  • "All you need is love. "
  • "I don't believe in killing whatever the reason!"
  • "If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace. "
  • "Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one."
  • "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."
  • "Love is the answer, and you know that for sure; Love is a flower, you've got to let it grow. "
  • "Reality leaves a lot to the imagination."
  • "There's nothing you can know that isn't known. "
  • "Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted. "
  • "When you're drowning, you don't say 'I would be incredibly pleased if someone would have the foresight to notice me drowning and come and help me,' you just scream. "
  • "You either get tired fighting for peace, or you die. "